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7 August, 2012 (22:26) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]


STUNNING new Limited Edition Print by British Artist, INSA to be released at WWW.LALAARTS.COM on Thursday August 9th at 9am Los Angeles Time.  DON’T MISS IT!!!




Artist: INSA

Title: LA Rainbow Heels

Size: 30″ x 30″ Paper Size (Image 26″ x 26″)

Edition: Ruby Flake- 20 Prints, Black Magic- 20 Prints, Silver Galaxy Flake- 5Prints  Signed and Numbered by the Artist. Including Certificate of Authenticity

Description: This edition is LA Through and Through…  Made using the finest of materials sourced locally…  Fresh Enamel Inks, NovaColor Gloss Spot-Varnish, and the finest Metal Flake to come out of Big Mike’s shop on Whittier Blvd…   Printed By Master Printer Lino Martinez at LALA Arts in DTLA.   Lino first laid down a 7 color full-rainbow Split-Fountain, then followed that up with a hand-cut stencil and sprayed the Gloss Spot-Varnish with Metal Flake for an incredible special effect unique to each print in the edition.

Each type of Metal Flake has different characteristics and plays with the light differently. The Black is very subtle without direct light, but becomes brilliant rainbow with direct light.  The silver galaxy is a bright silver and rainbow effect and the ruby glimmers various tones of red depending on the viewing angle…

Pricing: Ruby Flake- Edition of 20- $300 USD, Black Magic Flake- Edition of 20- $250 USD, Silver Galaxy Flake- Edition of 5- $500 USD


Public Works Billboard Exhibition throughout Los Angeles!!! Show Preview!!!

30 July, 2012 (12:03) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]

PUBLIC WORKS: TEASER from Jason Wawro on Vimeo.

After months and months of development, we are finally prepared to launch this groundbreaking exhibition on the Billboard Infrastructure of Los Angeles!!! The billboards will start going up this week, so keep your eye out, and come see the collection in person at LALA this Friday!!!

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our second show, PUBLIC WORKS, at LALA Gallery on Friday, August 3, at 7:00 pm.
This groundbreaking two-part exhibit, a collaboration with LA Freewalls and MacDonald Media to benefit Art Share LA, features murals by renowned contemporary artists in one of public media’s most controversial spaces - the billboard. Contributing artists include How & Nosm, Insa, Push, Revok, Risk, Ron English, Seen, Shepard Fairey, Trustocorp, WCA Crew, Uglar, and Zes.
The first part of the exhibit will feature the murals up-close-and-personal at LALA Gallery from August 3 to 17. The murals will also be on display on billboards throughout Los Angeles on a rotating basis for the remainder of the year.
Come take a look. We’ll see you there.

Here’s a link to the preview of the Billboards before they go up in public:


12 April, 2012 (11:32) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]

I will be there and I hope to see you there too.  Artwork Preview is available if you email:

This is going to be fun.

LA Mural Ordinance Community Discussion with Shepard Fairey and Saber

23 January, 2012 (20:35) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]

This is your last chance to make your voice heard… Public Comment on the new LA Mural Ordinance will end soon.  The Dept. of City Planning, LALA Gallery and the Arts District BID want to celebrate our policy momentum with a final public discussion and chill event on February 7th.

Please familiarize yourself with the Draft Ordinance HERE.

This event promises to inspire some very exciting discussion about the future of Public Art in LA.  Los Angeles City Council Districts 9 and 14 will be in attendance as well as 2 of the world’s most renowned contemporary muralists and Los Angeles locals, Shepard Fairey and Saber.

Please attend this event, but more importantly, put it on your Facebook and Twitter, invite your friends, and tell your neighbors!!!  The Arts District has become the epicenter of contemporary muralism without ANY civic support!  Imagine what we can do with the city’s recognition.

Event Details:

New Mural Ordinance Community Discussion with Shepard Fairey and Saber
LALA Gallery
1335 Willow St.
Los Angeles, CA. 90021
(Enter on Santa Fe, next to Villain’s Tavern)
Press Contact: (213) 415-1826

New Draft Mural Ordinance for Los Angeles Released

7 December, 2011 (16:35) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]

It’s been a long hard fight, and finally a new day is dawning for public Art in Los Angeles. Please review this PDF document and prepare for public comment and community workshops which will be advertised here and on our Twitter…The first of many meetings will be held at Self Help Graphics tonight at 6pm.  They are located at 1300 E. 1st. St. Los Angeles, CA. 90033


Kudos to everyone involved in this process.  Too many people to name specifically, but you know who you are!

New Mural Ordinance Meeting at Known Gallery- Photos by Carlos G.

5 December, 2011 (16:44) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]

Often times, history happens right when we least expect it.  Knowing this, I always feel fortunate when Carlos Gonzalez is in the room with his camera…

These are his photos from the New Mural Ordinance Meeting at Known Gallery on November 30th.  There are some real gems in this set… Namely, the portraits and the historical shot of Saber meeting one of the world’s most important muralists, Kent Twitchell.

Enjoy!You can see more of his photos from this event here.

See the full photo set from Carlos Gonzalez after the jump:

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New Mural Ordinance Update at Known Gallery- Photos by Birdman

1 December, 2011 (19:34) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]

Last night’s Mural Ordinance Update at Known Gallery with City Planner Tanner Blackman was incredible. It ended up as a wonderful round-table discussion of the potential new ordinance that will legalize Muralism in Los Angeles again…   We’re getting closer every day.  The next step is for City Planner, Tanner Blackman to release the draft language of the new ordinance, then we have a 60 day public comment period before it goes to the City Council for review and acceptance.

Hopefully, by Spring 2012, we’ll have a new permitting process for murals and artists will be free to create without harassment from the City.  This is a major step in the liberation of Artist’s Rights in LA, but we still have a lot of work to do to make this ordinance happen!

All Photos by the inimitable @birdmanphotos

Special Thanks to Isabel Rojas Williams, The LA Mural Conservancy, SPARC, LA Freewalls Project, Kent Twitchell, David Diaz, Saber, and everyone else who was in attendance.

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New Mural Ordinance Update- November 30th @ Known Gallery

24 November, 2011 (10:55) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]

Please join me for a very special evening at Known Gallery with LA City Planner, Tanner Blackman for an update and group discussion on LA’s potential New Mural Ordinance.

Immediately following Tanner’s update, we will be discussing public art, murals, and community expectations for the new draft ordinance to be presented to City Council for approval.The discussion will feature Isabel Rojas Williams, Executive Director the Mural Conservancy of LA and Daniel Lahoda as Founder of the LA Freewalls Project.  The discussion will be moderated by Piper Severance, Manager of SaberOne Studios.

This discussion is imperative to anyone who is working in the streets, or interested in Public Art. Please come and make your voice heard!

Questions/Comments and Media Inquiries, please contact:

Daniel Lahoda, Lahoda Fine Arts-  T. 213.415.1826

City Council Committee to discuss Mural Policy in Los Angeles

10 October, 2011 (15:01) | Street Art Videos | By: Daniel Lahoda | [e]

On October 12th at 3pm (Public Comment at 3:30pm, please arrive early to sign up), the City of Los Angeles City Council committees of Arts, Parks, and Neighborhoods and Public Land Use Management will discuss the city’s mural moratorium and current citation policy. From the meeting agenda:

Departments of City Planning (City Planning) and Cultural Affairs (DCA) reports in response to Motion (Huizar – LaBonge) relative to requesting that the Department of Building and Safety and Department of City Planning cease issuing citations or notices to comply for mural signs ordinances until the City has established a permitting process for fine art murals on private property.

There will be room for public comments during the meeting. This is a chance for Angeleños who care about the arts to discuss why the moratorium must go, and why the city needs to stop issuing citations until a citywide permitting process has been created. A good turnout will help the city understand the passion and thoughtfulness behind the #ArtIsNotaCrime and other pro-public art movements.